Felted wool purse WINNER and SEWING!!!

The winner is #12!

Barb K., get a hold of me through the Comment Form by Friday, April 22.

I sadly had to delete some entries — there were 26 commentors and 29 survey takers. I can’t tell what Barb’s email address is, because the survey dates and comment dates don’t match up for everyone. So Barb, get a hold of me!

I’ll have to look at changing how I run giveaways to hopefully increase everyone’s chances of winning.


And now for SEWING!!!

sewing house party

I didn’t even finish my application when I got this box delivered. It’s full of craziness! Skirt patterns and bag patterns and thread were sent for take-home gifts; party decoration were also included. Ha! I don’t decorate. I’ll lead people through sewing roll-up cases (for markers, tools, makeup brushes, etc.) during the party. Except for ribbon, all supplies were delivered to my door.

I still have to figure out who to invite and when the party is. I already know that I will not be using the Singer promotional machine (the main reason I didn’t finish my application) — going to a training at the fabric store and checking out a sewing machine like a library book with a firm deadline doesn’t sound like fun. But a sewing party on my own terms does sound fun.

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