Down in the basement


Today we visited the basement of the State Historical Museum. It looked like a basement.

down the aisle

A really really large basement. And most things had a label. I’ve never seen such a clean, labelled basement.

locker label stone maul label

I really wanted to visit the museum today because

1) today is Mr. TellBlast‘s birthday and

2) we could tour the vault today free of charge.

Thank you, Mr. Branstad.

3) And most especially selfish of me, the exhibit upstairs included many things that I remember from visits to the Historical Building during my youth. Thank you, Grandma, for taking me there.

Many of the natural history things that I loved from childhood (and mostly repeated at MacBride Hall at U of Iowa) were found downstairs. Shoot, I forgot to snap the Devil’s Corkscrew. Michael moved a display case just so I could see it. How nice he was.

I know, arsenic, stuffed animals, not so eco-cool these days. But very influential to my impressionable young mind.

My boys of course liked to see many square feet dedicated to weapons. That middle picture is racks and racks of swords!



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