three dresses

Dress makeover dilemma

The situation. My daughter has a very long dress that isn’t working for her or for me. I say ‘or me’ because she asked if I wanted it to wear. I tried it on. I felt overpowered by the skirt.

three dresses

The long dress is not only long, but also has a top that doesn’t work well for either one of us. I already own two shorter dresses, one with ruffles and one with a floral pattern — all three use the same cotton fabric.

My current idea is to chop off the elastic smocking from the long dress and turn it into a shorter dress that would work for me. Or her.

Assessing the shorter dresses. The ruffle is probably easier, and cuter on me than the floral. The floral looks more difficult, too. Do you think I should use the ruffle as the model or the floral? [Don’t laugh at my closet.]

wearing three dresses


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  1. I like the way the skirt of the ruffled dress fits the best. I’d use that as your pattern.

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