Dress goal sheet

In sympathy with my 4-Her, I will give my goal sheet for the dress makeover.

prepping for a dress makeover

Goal: My goal is to make the tie dye dress into a short dress without smocking. I additionally desire to spend less than $10 in this makeover.

List what you do to reach the goal:

  • Make a pattern.
  • Find supplies.
  • Make a lining.
  • Cut the fabric.
  • Sew the fabric.

Evaluation: I think I reached the goal. The dress is short and has no smocking. I spent under $5 by using coupons and selecting inexpensive fabric for the lining.

Because of the fabric pattern and volume, I do not find the dress very attractive on me. I like a slimmer look and more mature fabric. However, this was a good example of turning something at a garage sale, back of the closet, etc., into a more current, inexpensive look. Shopping in your own closet is wonderful.

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