Crafty Monday: Flip Flop Cuteness

flip flop cuteness finished

As I walked around the grocery store today for hamburger buns, I passed a bin of flip flops. I realized that I chose my flip flops because I thought they were cute. Except… one can see the cute pattern when I’m wearing them because my foot is covering it. I want flip flops that 1) people can see as cute and different and 2) are identifiable as MINE from the pile of 20 shoes heaped by the door. Yes, I am bitter about people taking my shoes “because they fit me and I couldn’t find mine.” Last year, my daughter and I wrote our initials on the sole, near the strap (the vertical surface) as a way to keep our flip flops identifiable from the other people we shared a bunk room with. Because we were on a mission trip, cuteness was not a consideration.

Taking inspiration from 320 * Sycamore, my youngest and I created flip flop cuteness in about five minutes.

Flip Flop Cuteness


  • flip flops
  • fabric (I used an unwanted tshirt)
  • stretchy beading cord
  • a lid from a casserole dish
  • disappearing ink marker (mine is double-tipped to disappear with air or water)
  • scissors

flip flop collage


Lay your fabric out and trace a circle. My circle was 8″ across.

Cut out the circles. I was able to cut both circles at once.

Arrange the fabric under the flip flop into equal thirds.

Cut a length of stretchy cord, or regular string. (I had my helper hold the fabric while) I tied the cord.

Arrange the fabric into even looking poufs.

Repeat for the other flip flop and adjust for symmetry.

This is post is part of Making Monday Marvelous.


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