Crafty Monday: Around the house

Let’s tour my house for craftiness.

I’m currently carrying a handmade purse.

My purse means that I’m leaving the house, so I need to walk to my closet. That means I’ll go by my sewing desk.

sewing desk

I need to buy 1″ elastic for the waistband — I’m turning the “former long dress, now a short dress” into a skirt only. DD1 says she’ll wear it.

Can you see my pincushion in the foreground? I think it’s cute.

pin cushion

Then I pass through the hall to get to the closet. The kids drew self-portraits (they took for.ever. to finish) that I hung.

self portraits and our house

“G” of GAIN chose to swap his stick figure boy in for our house. More about our house portrait in a later post.

And then I have my cute flip flops.

Now, I’m ready to leave the house!

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