County Fair: Sightings

The Polk County Fair is held at the State Fairgrounds in the 4-H Building, Sheep Barn, and Jacobsen Center. It’s almost all air conditioned, a little un-Fair-like, but with food and fabric, I think it’s wise.

Walking around today (it’s free!) with my youngest, we learned that the Sheep Barn is historically significant. This was built in a special time of our history. Doesn’t that make FDR seem more relevant and real?

fdr plaque on the sheep barn

There is even a 4-H clover in the corner. Isn’t that cool?

sheep barn plaque has a 4-H clover on it

I don’t know that I’ve taken time to really look at the barn until today. The weather was perfect and there were no huge crowds. I was not stressed out that I would lose someone in my group or worried about telling my kids, “No, we’re not buying that.” We just hung out, watched part of the dog show and looked at animals. We talked to one family and petted their horse. Everyone was nice, not cranky and hot.

Look at the archway on the west end of the barn.

sheep barn archway

The ceramist in me really digs the high-relief tiles.

close-up of archway

The 4-H Building is also pretty cool. The west end of it was featured in a State Fair scavenger hunt last year. I think it was in the newspaper. Do you remember seeing this above the door?

geese above the west door

And above the east door, there are turkeys:

turkeys above the east door

The County Fair is open until Sunday. You really ought to visit. For more information, visit my county fair preview article.

Have you ever visited a county fair?

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