Crafty Monday: more county fair projects

I’m sharing photos of more Polk County Fair impressiveness. I am truly blown away by much of the work I saw two weeks ago. All of these works were completed by kids in grades 4 – 12. You might see multicolored (4th grade participation) and blue, red, and white ribbons along with small ribbons of various coloring. When you see a small ribbon, that means the project was considered for promotion to the State Fair. (Polk is just one of 99 counties in Iowa.) You might also see folders and papers behind the works. That’s because all 4-H projects are judged on their write-ups and performance.

pencil drawing
See the photo in the corner? Speechless, aren't you?


county fair food art 2011
Have you ever read the book "Baby Food?"
iris folding
I think this is called iris folding

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  1. Yeah for awesome 4-Her’s! It was an impressive year, wasn’t it? Just for the record – if anyone would like a quick lesson (individually or to a group) on the Iris Paper Folding, please let me know! My daughter did the 3 ball gowns piece you saw above and is giving her educational presentation at the Clay County Fair in Sept. She absolutely loves teaching others how to do it (and it’s EASY!)
    Nice article, Julia!

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