Travels, on purpose and accidental

My dh Mr. TellBlast and I went with my oldest to Chicago earlier this week. We purposely saw some really great sites, visited three colleges (yikes to have a child this age!), and ate some wonderful food with extraordinary service (Chicago Q, we love you).

cloud gate bean
cloud gate aka the bean
italian ices at millenium park
she hoped her tongue would turn blue after one bite
talbott hotel with a ladybug cow
a luxury hotel with a sense of fun

We spent less than 24 hours at home between a Colorado trip and this Chicago trip. Knowing that we’d be staying home for a long time once we left Chicago, I really looked forward to the ride home.

During a road trip stop, we randomly chose to pull over in LeClaire, where TugFest was getting started. dh filled the gas tank, and heard some music coming from a neighboring house. He investigated, and told us to walk up the hill toward the music. This is what we saw:

antique archaelogy
It's the home of Antique Archaeology

We have been big fans of the show Antique Archaeology, and Mr. TellBlast and I both grew up in antiques store families. His family was visited by pickers selling their wares every week. And the boot! He was really tickled to see it. I’ll upload a different photo of it soon, once I find it. In the words of Bob Ross, “Happy little accident.”

antique archaeology boot

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