An update: No contacts for me

Before we left for vacation, I had to visit the ophthalmologist. Long story short: NO MORE RIGID GAS PERMEABLE LENSES FOR ME. I usually say hard contacts. It’s easier. The phrase “rigid gas perms” or rgp’s really don’t do it for me. This leaves me with choices to make about my eyes. What do I do next?

  • lasik
  • toric lenses for running only because the rx won’t be high enough for me
  • sports glasses
  • and on top of all that, probably new glasses. Without contacts every day, I don’t have a break from the nose pads. The nose pads are hurting me with this much wear.
I cannot run with my current glasses. I’ve tried. OK, I can run, but not race. They slip too much. I get a headache from the movement. It really sucks.
Also, I will need new headshots.
Long story: I really like my eye doctor. I see him only when things are really bad. He said that years of wearing the hard lenses have left a patch on my eyelid that becomes inflamed with wearing them. We’ve known this for years and years. My eyes and lids are irritated beyond belief when I wear my contacts. The irritation is not from seasonal allergies. Continuing to wear hard lenses would eventually cause the patch to become a scar that would permanently damage my eye. That’s bad. It’s happened to a friend of “A” of GAIN. I don’t want that.
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