Apple crafting in Colorado

We experienced rain almost every late afternoon and evening while we were in Colorado two weeks ago. Here’s what the kids did one night during the rain.

she cut an apple to look like a swan
See the laptop? Youtube helped them.
he cut an apple into a swan
"G" of GAIN takes a turn at apple crafts

apple sculpture of a swan

“I” of GAIN also made an apple turtle with the leftovers from the swans.

cutting a turtle

The kids all agreed that Breckenridge was a great place. You could walk almost anywhere you wanted to go. And if you didn’t have a car, shuttles ran you to places you couldn’t walk to.

And we stayed in a condo, which everyone enjoyed. With a family of six, space is very important. We had three bedrooms, two bathrooms, a fireplace, and plenty of seating around the dining room table and television. Free wi-fi was used to check weather every night. The condo was fully furnished in every way, had a deck with a gorgeous view, and a gas grill. The clubhouse and pool were closed during our stay. They would have been nice to use, but we were fine without. For equal or less money than hotels charge, the condo gave us much more privacy and room.

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