Sights and sounds of the produce auction

I LOVE THE FRUGAL TUESDAY TIP because I get to learn many new things. Jennifer, for example, linked up earlier this month and wrote about a produce auction. I had never heard of people doing this, so I headed to the internet immediately, along with fellow Frugal Tuesday Tip participants Kim and Sara. Here is what I recorded from my day.

These are the medium sized lots. Grapes in the foreground, with 10 pound bags of onions, pecks and bushels of hot peppers, cantaloupes, lots of produce behind.

medium sized lots at auction
medium sized lots at auction

Because all of the producers today were Amish (there are non-Amish producers as well, just not today), I was unable to record the full experience in photos.

small lots for sale
Small lots of produce are welcome and usually available.

The owner didn’t want much camera presence because someone seeing it could be deterred from coming in the future. And we don’t want that. She said that “far away” shots would be OK, backs of heads would be OK, but I refrained.

cukes, cantaloupe, it's all there
More small lots

You don’t see the large lots here — they were horse-driven wagons, so no photos. Just imagine twenty bags with 4 dozen ears of corn in each bag. Or some large quantity of another vegetable or fruit  like that. I think my eyes and ears got blurry once my brain calculated the total amount of corn, then shut off.

Was the auction a worthwhile endeavor? I’ll write about that soon. I do have sounds recorded, I’ll get a tweet about out shortly. Follow me on Twitter @juliecache to find the video.

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