Crafty Monday: Sharpie markers and social media

A looong time ago, I found someone in my Twitter feed (maybe Linneyville?) talk about Klout perks. I’ve been tracking my Klout for a while. It’s a rather fun way to test your value and learn about your social media habits.

You can give or get +K (and I give someone +K every couple days or so) and receive Klout perks. Here is the perk I got from reading Linney’s tweet:

klout perk boxIt came with ceremony from the USPS man. Rather mysterious and forgotten about by the time it arrived, I opened it and found:

opened box

Yay >sarcasm< Another box. Wait! A Sharpie box >excitement rushes about the room<


sharpie box


By now, the kids are all excited. Who doesn’t love permanent markers?

klout sharpie




A large bag full of markers. Fabric markers, mini-markers, different colors of fine tip pens, liquid pencils (they’re confusing to use), gel highlighters (also confusing), 80’s collection, and other craziness.



klout sharpie spread

Fortunately, the freebies included black fine tip markers that my oldest can use in graphic arts class. We’re so busy that getting her to the store to pick the perfect pen hasn’t happened. And school started over a week ago.

close up

The Sharpie box was pretty large and designed for future use, so I’m saving it for something else. Since “I” of GAIN got a camera for her birthday, we’re using its box. They’re best stored horizontally, by the way.

new box

The moral of the story: you can put graffiti on anything you want, for free, by paying attention to your social media outlets. Don’t dis the social media — you can gain education, material goods, and fun times, too.

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