Re-covering my sewing chair

reupholster recover office chair

“I” of GAIN came home from school and found me in the living room. Please ignore the messy house in the picture.

I found my sewing chair skirted with the leftover dress makeover fabric (the skirt has been done and worn; I just haven’t photographed it). “I” had done it, and it was a fair thing to do. The chair is an old office chair, split at the seams, inherited from my husband’s college student days, and of an unknown age. I took the hint and recovered it today with pink denim, a gift from a home school mama.

It was a very easy job with my handy dandy staple gun, a screwdriver, and a socket wrench. And a pair of pliers. If I had thought the project out, I would have taken more time to clean and repaint where needed and oiled the joints. But maybe next time, when I don’t work spur of the moment, that will all happen.

Taking the back support apart was funny when I found the Naugahyde symbol and charcoal writing inside: naugahyde reupholster recover office chair

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