Coupon meetup success

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My coupon meetup rocked. Why? Let me count the ways.

  1. Coupons. One gal’s trash is another one’s treasure. We shared some coupon love. We had a nice variety of coupons, and a nice selection of multiples.
  2. Networking. How do you redeem a coupon when shopping online for diapers? Which stores take coupons from competitors? How well would you do in the First Friday Fast? How do I start a stockpile? Talking cannot be replaced with a blog post or Examiner article.
  3. Meeting fun people. This meetup had people from diverse backgrounds. We never would have met otherwise — some of us had babies, no babies, no kids, teenagers, and we came from a wide age range. Thus, our coupon needs were complementary. If I like Tide, I won’t clip the All coupons; you can use them instead. I don’t have anyone in diapers, but you do? Great, take my coupons. If you don’t have pets but I do, I can make sure that your pet coupons don’t go to waste.
  4. Coffee shop ambience. Yes, I like coffee shops. The ambience lends itself to being helpful. For example, three older people sat at the table next to us. The gentleman was nice enough to take our photo. One of the gals with him asked what we did with our coupons. She also said that the Franklin Library used to have a box of coupons in the entryway. Now that it’s open again (thankfully and finally!), I’ll have to investigate the coupons box’s resurrection. This would not happen at a fast food restaurant, in a closed library meeting room, or someone’s house.
I want to have another meetup on November 12, 2011. Come back to this blog later for time and place. Maybe you’ll want to subscribe to this blog, or follow me on Google Plus or Twitter to get details before the blog post.

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