Crafty Monday: the almost drooling list

~~ I just need to photograph the dress makeover. It’s been done for months. ~~

Fall begins as a big schedule change with school starting. My oldest is a senior in high school! Now that fall is nearing the middle of its season, I’m looking to settle into some crafts. Being the frugal gal that I am, I’ve been scanning the internet for ways to craft without spending much money. Here is what I’m considering:

  • A thimble holder! How cute is that?
  • Dog toys. For my oldest to make for our neighbor.
  • Every single one of these newspaper projects.
  • A yarn remnant necklace. Because I can’t throw yarn away.
  • A t-shirt quilt (maybe like this one). This will happen. “A” of GAIN has saved her softball shirts ever since we saw Fulcrum Man. I am also considering the donation of a silent auction item for a t-shirt quilt. Quilting with someone else’s material would be fun.
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