My happy day: coupons, House Party, and free stuff

stack of coupons from meetup frugal family examiner
Wow! Now that is a stack of coupons.

What a great day! I started by taking my son to the PLAN Test. Then I fell asleep until five minutes before my coupon meetup. I love sleeping.

coupon clipping iowa
Clipping coupons is more fun with friends. We were in a library study room.

There were a LOT of coupons. It was great — Maria had a specific request for a contact solution coupon, and she got it! Multiple times! Tiffany requested Harbor Freight coupons, which she also got multiples of! The coupon love was abundant. Love that we’ve had two meetups. I am hoping for a January meetup.

shutterfly care package plum district

I gave everyone attending a Shutterfly care package from House Party. Just a bonus for meeting me. I had a pack of sample cards that really helped you figure out what you like and don’t like. If only they had prices and item numbers printed on them, shopping for cards would have been easier.

Tallgrass Grocery Co-op tweeted about avocados, so we talked about avocados and I left to go buy one. Yum! I also stopped at Dahls and used three of my newly-acquired coupons. When I got home, I brought in the mail. The mailbox was stuffed with samples to make me happy.

samples in the mail
Happy mail!

What did I get? An unexpected bowl of Kashi cereal (no idea why Kashi gifted me), MOO cards (free via Klout perks), and an unexpected Oakley towel (thank you gift for my Perform Beautifully entry). There is also a Dahl’s receipt in there because I stopped to get a few supplies.

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