Crafty Monday: Moo minicard holder tutorial

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I love love love my Moo minicards. Because I keep multiple online presences, it was time for a change in my current business cards. I hate the new homeschool cards — the company had a near match from the last batch, which I loved, but not an exact match, so I wasn’t happy when I ordered. Since I qualified for a Klout perk of free Moo cards, I now have almost all of my online info in one place.

I didn’t want to spend the money on a mini card holder, so I made one soon after opening my box. Inspired by this tutorial, I came up with my own adaptation. Definitely less than 30 minutes.

Julia’s tutorial for a….

Felt mini card holder (in less than 30 minutes)

Materials needed:

felt scrap

grosgrain ribbon


thread to match

1. Cut a piece of felt to 1 – 11/16″ x 6 – 3/16″ — this was too long for me by about 1/8.”

felt mini card holder tutorial

2. Choose your ribbon and glue in place.

felt mini card holder tutorial ribbons

3. Trim and wrap the ends of the ribbon(s) and glue in place on the other side of the felt. I had to use an iron to assist.

felt mini card holder tutorial

I wanted a key ring card holder, so my largest piece of ribbon has fusible interfacing (the white ribbon) applied for stiffness. If you want a key ring holder, leave a long tail.

4. Cut an opening. Like my model, I used a triangle.

felt mini card holder in 30 minutes or less

5. I checked and found that my mini card holder was too long. I trimmed and made a new triangle opening.

felt mini card holder moo cards
It's too long! Back to the cutting board.

6. Fold the felt, sew around the edges and the ribbon to strengthen, and — DONE!!!

felt mini card holder tutorial less than 30 minutes

It’s now on my key chain and perfectly cute. It holds five cards.

felt mini card holder tutorialI liked that I could have 100 different photographs on each card. This opens the door for people to ask questions about me and show my diverse background.

This is part of C.R.A.F.T.’s Making Monday Marvelous Day #80 linky!

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