Fingerless gloves

I was knitting a ho-hum dishcloth, and used it twice already within a week. I need to replace my current supply badly. I made t-shirt yarn for this last dishcloth. I’ll review that another time, in order to write right now about something more exciting — fingerless gloves.

N of GAIN fingerless gloves
Fingerless gloves for N of GAIN

My daughter has been part of a teen book club for a couple years. Many of the title selections have been made into movies, and the group watched Jane Eyre this week.They’ve never watched a movie all together until this week.  After reading _Jane Eyre_ over the summer, and I had read it before during my senior year of high school, I can say that I never pictured the clothing in the detail at which I saw it in the movie. I thought about the colors, maybe of the fabric, but did not imagine the styles as elaborately as they were pictured.

One thing that caught my eye was the fingerless glove. Many of the indoor and outdoor scenes were shot with girls wearing fingerless gloves. I’ve made a few pairs, my oldest has made one, too.

My first venture was Fetching, modified to fit my hands. You can see this pair in my header.

My son says that his fingerless mitts are very handy on camping trips. I wished my pair had most wrist coverage, so “N” of GAIN got a pair that is longer in the wrist area.

I made another pair for “G” of GAIN, but he didn’t value them. Because they were extremely stretchy and very large, they were good for re-gifting to an arthritic FIL. They would fit “G” well now that he has grown, but again, gifts should go where they are valued.

I have made two “mini-me” pairs of fingerless gloves for my youngest. She loves wearing them, but always seems to lose one.

fingerless gloves knitting
Fingerless gloves for I of GAIN

And of course, my oldest knit her own pair, and I’ve got a notion to follow suit with the simple ribbing pattern. I used the pattern for a former BIL with some crappy yarn (remember the value I mentioned?) and he used them for working in a chilly garage on a car (or five). Her pair still gets used, just like “N” of GAIN.

I noticed that the gloves in Jane Eyre varied widely — lacy enough to offer little warmth, heavy and very warm, and what looked like — with fabric cuffs. The girl, Adele, first appeared with hers and they looked to be a fashion statement rather than a practical article of clothing.

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