Photography: Bokeh

juliecache bokeh
One of my two test shots (before the 'real' bokeh photo)

What timing!

I tweeted about bokeh earlier, and flipped through my Girl with a knife series. I miss the short-term photo challenge. I was doing OK with Darcy’s P52 (for the less ambitious), one pic per week…until April or so. Actually, I am still taking pics every week, but I hoped to get a “kitchen table shot” once a week for P52. So I suppose I’m still in, but without the consistency of the kitchen table. Not the way I wanted to participate.

So now I’m looking at a ONE DAY photo challenge. On Dec. 8, I will post a bokeh photo here, and invite you all to join me over at Darcy’s. That’s pretty early for me to get a tree and lights out, so I’ll have to get creative. Especially since my fancier camera‘s buttons are really hit and miss nowadays.

For more info on bokeh, click the button below. You know you want to try it.
holiday bokeh party 2011

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