Christmas smelts and no bokeh

It’s that time of year when I make gifts. Another round of quilling began yesterday during “I” of GAIN’s writing class.

quilling christmas snowflake smelting juliecache
Will I ever have time to finish 25 snowflakes?


And no bokeh for me. I am completely missing Darcy’s bokeh party. We bought new lights for the yews out front, they just went up yesterday thanks to my #2 and #4 children. I started doing some work for a pro-life clinic that offers free prenatal care and free STD testing, so my weeks have been filled with figuring out what it needs for an online presence. A graphic designer was just chosen this week, the bank man just called with online donation information. The list is ever-long. And I think pro-life causes get priority over bokeh parties. But I am promising myself to take a few bokeh pics. I’ll keep you updated.

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