Crafty quilling hack

I started quilling because of my friend Cathy. In making snowflakes, I begin with circles. It helps immensely in a six-way symmetry to have identically-sized circles. There are tools like this small ruler/template and this large board to help. Of course, I am the type of person who works late at night, so I can’t run to a local crafts store and buy a template. However, I do have cardboard and paper punches at my house. Here is my hack version:

quilling circle template

It’s the boxes from two stick margarine packages. I taped them together and punched three holes through the layers, then glued the entire thing to a piece of corrugated cardboard. It works great! Not to mention free and quick to make.

Take a strip of paper. Mine are cut to 2″ lengths.

quilling strips of paper

Roll it up with the quilling tool and add a dab of glue.

rolling quilling paper

Set the roll of paper in the template.

using a quilling template

The roll will uncurl and fill the space in the template.

quilling circle template

When you have enough same-sized circles, you can assemble snowflakes!

quilled snowflakes

Happy crafting!

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  1. You should take up leather crafting. A little high on the dollar side unless you have a herd of cattle, but a lot of fun, too. Happy New Year!

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