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Crafty Monday: Magazine art

magazine art finished works

As I was browsing through Pinterest, I found something for my home — magazine art. I decided that a little test work to see how easy, cheap, quick, etc. would be best for me.

But before I started the test, I decided to read the local weekly paper and found affirmation that I should set the paper down and begin crafting right away:

magazine art book cover
it's a sign -- a book cover with magazine art!

And while the original blog post gave instructions, I thought of a different way to make my magazine art. It’s similar to serendipity squares.


Xyron sticker machine


art frame

cardstock scissors


 How to:

Have your idea — mine was to create kitchen-inspired art on a small scale. I flipped through a food magazine and found fields of color. I also found words in one particular color, and settled on making a bowl of oranges.

Choose your background cardstock and cut to the size of your frame. I used the paper that came with my frame to mark out the right size.

measure the background paper

Run a piece of paper through your Xyron. The cardstock should be as large as the objects in your piece. This will be easy to understand as you read further.

cardstock and xyron

Cut triangles from the desired magazine page.

cut triangles from the magazine page

Peel away the backing and stick the triangles to the stickered paper.

triangles stuck to sticker paper

On the back, you can draw the object and then cut along that line, or you can just cut as you see fit with the eyeball method. I guess the symmetry and your personality determine the method you choose.

draw on the back


Once you cut the object out, stick it on the background.

cut out the triangles

Repeat for all objects in your picture. Of course, if you like the look of one piece that you tore (like the book cover above), or don’t have a xyron, skip it! Just glue the pieces down to your background.

cut and glue all pieces

Finished product, a bowl of oranges!

magazine art

I am linking to Making Mondays Marvelous, M.M.M. #87, at C.R.A.F.T.

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