Christmas smelting

If you are new to my blog, you may not be familiar with the term “smelt” in the way that my in-laws use it. For them, “smelt” means to make from nothing. As in Saturday Night Live, circa 1987. The idea of smelting began as an alternative to buying full-blown retail prices, to keep the expense of Christmas down, to encourage considerate gift giving. It was a way to focus the crazy, out of handedness that Christmas can sometimes bring.

Here is the smelt (the in-laws consider the word a noun, verb, and adjective) that my husband received:

odd old tools by metall1

Made by his brother, this is one of the ultimate and most considerate smelts because it contains everything he could want during a Boy Scout campout. On the other side, it’s personalized with the troop number. What is this thing exactly? I call it a multi-tool with…

  • a hammer head
  • an ax
  • a crescent wrench
  • three socket wrenches
  • a claw to remove nails
  • a hole to hang it in storage
  • a leather wrapped handle for comfort

What more could an adult on a Boy Scout campout need?

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