Sensitive skin

Not thin skin, but sensitive skin. I have sensitive skin, and it’s been that way all my life.

As a child — My bug bites always swelled up. Brushing a weed in the field gave me large itchy bumps while everyone else was itchy without bumps. Or not itchy at all. My mom dearly wanted baby me to love Mr. Bubble in the bathtub, but I was allergic to it. Avon, for the most part, had to stay away from me.

For the majority of my upperclassman years during high school, I was using lanolin and bacitracin to heal a patch of skin. It never healed until the family doctor revealed that I was allergic to both lanolin and bacitracin.

As an adult, I had a patch test on my back. The lanolin and bacitracin marks were visible for at least a year afterward. I also have a sensitivity to propylene glycol, which is used in almost everything. I’m currently fighting the largest skin battle ever…because of Tide H.E. powder. But I quit using Tide in October.

Are you allergic to anything?

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  1. Wow that has to be so hard to not be able to use…well just about anything on the shelf! I have skin allergies to animals and environmental things, but I am also allergic to flowers. I use Downy dryer sheets and have for years with no problems. Once I was drawn to some Bounce dryer sheets because you got like a bazillion of them for $10 or something like that. Well I started breaking out in hives EVERYWHERE and I mean EVERYWHERE. I couldn’t figure out what it was…my husband finally figured it out and we had to re-wash everything in Tide Free! I’m sorry you have to deal with such a sensitive allergy…I suppose the upside is that you are forced to live a more natural lifestyle and maybe you will live longer! 🙂

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