Sensitive eyeballs

My saga continues….

Since I figured out that Tide h.e. powder was not going to work for me, my dear dear husband did some research and found that Biokleen was available in stores, so I could get relief soon. Not waiting for a mail order delivery was wonderful. Things were re-washed in Biokleen to remove any Tide traces, and my skin was left to heal and recover, not fight. Practically speaking, I was treating itchy and flaky eyelids and flaking skin around my eyes, near my ears and the corners of my mouth. (Think about what touches a pillowcase.) The undersides of my eyelids flared up and got all itchy, but I hoped they would calm down. When I left the house, I prayed that no one saw how bloodshot my eyes were. I was miserable, but better than before we used Biokleen.  (Although I’m about six months post-Tide, I still have dark spots on my face. That’s the nature of my contact dermatitis.)

After a while, I felt that I could venture out in public. Like the gym. I am still having trouble fitting into my clothes. So here I am in a group fitness class. I learned how to exercise with glasses and I’m happy that I’m getting along well after an absence. A bead of sweat runs from my hairline into my eye. My eyeball swells. A dance teacher once said that the toxins and bad stuff in your body come out in your sweat. I believe her now. My eyeball swelled so much that it scared me.

I went home and lay down. Cool washcloths were irritating on my dry, flaky, recovering skin, so I tried to sleep as a way to not feel my eyeball. It was bizarre to have it stick out. Maybe I couldn’t shut my eye. I don’t remember. But I called the eye doctor. For routine eyeglass prescriptions, I see an optometrist. But when I have a real problem, I call my ophthalmologist. Problem: he wasn’t in. I scheduled with someone else in the same clinic. I needed to know if high blood pressure due to exercise, my allergy to Tide (one month after I switched), or something caused my eyeball to swell.

Have you ever had your eyeball swell?

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