P52 Dilemma

I’ve been using my flickr account instead of my blog to record my attempts at a more purposeful year of photos. I joined two weekly photo challenges — one with Darcy and one with Max. I decided to really do last year over with Max’s — life at my kitchen table, once a week. I like the way it’s turned out so far. I can see potential to show seasons, changing hair styles, our kitchen repair, our home school, our meals, “A” leaving for college, everything through the kitchen table.

Darcy’s P52 is set up for one theme per week, and that is why I write here.

I can’t make up my mind for the theme “self portrait.”

I saw this idea on my daughter’s Pinterest. It’s too wet for me to do this right now.


And I saw this idea from last week’s linky. I can’t find a photo that would work easily for me to do this.

p52 i dreamed a dream

I decided to save the inspiration ideas for later. I took one cop-out backup picture that is a follow up to the Resolution theme.

p52 self portrait juliecache

I took another resolution/dream follow up self portrait with my camera phone this afternoon. I basically quit running after the end of July when the ophthalmologist told me that I can’t wear contacts. After learning how to deal with glasses during exercise since then, I ran 3 miles without stopping today. First time since July that I’ve run that distance.

juliecache p52 treadmill self portrait

I would like to do a better job with the challenge  and really challenge myself, get creative, and be overall awesomer once I get over this cold once and for all. My voice has returned to normal, but I’m not 100%. Yet.

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