Coupons and the Frugal Tuesday Tip!

Meet me this weekend and get some coupons.

What is a coupon meetup? It is an event for coupon users to gather and pass around their unused coupons with others who may have a need for them. For example, I save my coupon inserts for the month before we meet. I don’t use coupons for laundry products because of skin sensitivities, so anyone wanting a coupon for a particular brand will be able to have my unused one! Chances are, another participant will have the same coupon that you can have, too. Maybe you don’t have pets, but you do have a baby. Someone else attending the meetup has a dog, but no babies. You two could exchange coupons!

Who can come? Any coupon user with coupons to share is welcome. RSVP’s are nice, but not required for this location. (Libraries track patron usage, so some times an RSVP is important.)  Click here to RSVP.

When and where is it? Sat., Feb. 25 at the Franklin Public Library in Des Moines from 10 a.m. – 11:30. Times are firm. The large meeting room is very large, so well-behaved children can be at one table while couponers work at a different table. 

How does it work? We sit down and set our piles of unused coupons in front of us, then pass them to the left. We might end up with a big pile in the middle.

What should I bring? Scissors, coupons that you aren’t going to use, and a place to store the coupons that you cut and take home. And a smiling attitude that is ready for conversation — a fair amount of frugality information is shared during our meetups.

Frugal Tuesday Tip


The Frugal Tuesday Tip is the time of the week when my hostesses and I share our frugal tips with you and ask you to participate, too. Anything done frugally can be included — food, crafts, clothing shopping, almost everything that can be done for less can be included. You can link through any one blog and have it appear on all three of our blogs for over 3000 pageviews. We want to hear from you.

Your hostesses:

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Thanks for playing along!

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