Nail Art: Pin it! Do it!

My good friends on Pinterest found this French instructional webpage. The newspaper used however, appears to be American, which made my youngest think that it was “French trash. They think American things are garbage.”

What I used

  • rubbing alcohol
  • white nail polish
  • clear nail polish
  • the alternative newspaper and scissors
  • a disposable medicine dosage cup
pinterest nail art newspaper
Isn't if funny that the word 'gold' showed up as 'blog' on my fingernail?

How I did it (my version is in English)

  • Cut small pieces of newspaper to fit over your fingernails (read on). I made twelve, just in case.
  • Apply two coats of white nail polish. Let dry.
  • Pour a cup of alcohol.
  • Dip one dry, polished nail into the alcohol. Place a piece of newspaper over the now wet nail. You want as much contact as possible. I had the best ink transfer when I waited for the ink to visibly leave the paper and counted to about 20. When I waited for the paper to dry as the Pin instructed, I got bad results.
  • When you are done waiting, carefully peel the paper off.
  • Repeat until all fingers are done.
  • Seal with a top coat.
What the original post did not say

Your fingers will get ink on them. So be mindful that you keep your fingerprints off the white nail polish and alcohol!

For more fun crafty stuff, visit C.R.A.F.T. where Jamie is Making Monday Marvelous.

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