Leap! P52

How was your Leap Year Day? This week’s theme for P52 is A Great Leap. My two best leap photos are these:

p52 juliecache p52 juliecacheI really wanted a puddle of water or a creek, but I’ll settle for concrete parking things. I’m sure they have a ‘real name,’ but concrete parking things is something everyone probably knows about and the real term is probably something no one would recognize.

If you are an area homeschooler, you’ll be interested to know that we took these photos outside of the Jordan House. I was conducting an initial research trip with the West Des Moines Historical Society. I have a Valley Junction walking tour scheduled for April 27, and I’m creating a killer teacher aid (for anyone, tour optional).

2 thoughts on “Leap! P52”

  1. So….you made me curious and I had to look them up! Apparently they’re called parking bumpers. But you’re right; I never would have gotten the reference. :p

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