Pin it! Do it! Homemade Samoas

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Mmm. Samoa cookies from Girl Scouts. We didn’t buy any this year, but my youngest really wanted some. We made our own instead. Handy dandy Pinterest to the rescue. The original post  with the recipe is here. (You can see some other things I have pinned here:

I read through the comments and didn’t have the issues that some people had. The issue I have is that they are good, but not like samoas. We did not coat the cookies with chocolate, but drizzled it on top. I’m not sure how to change the recipe so make them more like the real deal — the cookies may need two bakings, and the coconut should have been crispier. But they are very time intensive, so I doubt we’ll make them again.

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  1. Those look awesome! Allergic to coconut, so I won’t be able to try them 🙁 Don’t feel bad about not getting any girl scout cookies…there’s only like 5 in a box nowadays. (Slight exaggeration…but only slight.)

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