Intersection of PINK, Hawkeyes, and the YMCA

So I’m at the Y on Friday, no surprise. I work at Victoria’s Secrets, which is somewhat of a surprise to some people. I bought an Iowa Hawkeye bag from work back in January. It’s not PINK-ish, and I seriously needed a gym bag. Have a look.

juliecache's PINK Iowa Hawkeye gym bag
It says "1847" in the corner. UI was established in 1847.

The price was just under $9. It’s an exclusive design to PINK. And of all the bags in the world, this one is COOL. Form (the zipper is awesome) and function meet – yay! After I place my bag on the bench in the group fitness room, someone asks who owns the bag. She had no idea that Victoria’s Secret carried Hawkeye merchandise (um, to say we have a lot is an understatement). One point goes to me for working at Victoria’s Secret.

The next point I scored came from my clothes. I rarely, and I mean rarely, buy clothes for myself. It’s a LOT of work to clothes shop, and my husband is the only person who really gets my clothing and body needs. So when I came home the night before with a pair of sweatshorts, I surprised myself (and him, in a good way). Have a look.

PINK sweatshorts from Victoria's Secret

I bought them because it’s 80 degrees F outside, and I have two pairs of shorts that are exercise friendly. Two pairs puts a strain on the laundry now that we have to amass large quantities before starting the washing machine. (I know I can wash small amounts, but come on, the energy expense is the same for large and small loads.) This particular pair of shorts has low-contrast logo — on top of being against paying money to advertise for businesses, I don’t want my clothing to scream “I’m wearing the same shorts as a 12 year old!” They worked very well for class. And for running. I got only ten minutes on the treadmill before my sister called. Here is where I stopped. Can I count that near-mile for another point?

juliecache's treadmill reading
yes, i photographed it so i can enter it into activetrax later.

I headed out the door after hanging up with her, then decide to go back in and use to use the restroom before hitting the road. (Was that oversharing? You know I love you all.)

On my way out the door the second time, I run into staff member Sue. We both have autistic boys in our families. We talk, then she turns to the table near us and asks, “Do you know Roy?” It’s Roy Marble! I grew up a Hawkeye fan! How cool! Score me at least two points for this encounter.

Two Decades and Counting Roy Marble Brian Meeks juliecache iowa Des Moines YMCA Walnut Creek
image from

He had a book for sale. Of course I bought one. (No, I haven’t finished it yet. Geez, I just got it!) Being in the middle of the lobby at the Y was not a retail-friendly space, BUT technology is so very cool. I want to score myself another point for being connected to the internet — Brian, the author, had his iPad and was able to charge my credit card and send a receipt via text message. He and Roy both signed the book for me, and because I mentioned running (I was sweating the entire time we talked), he introduced me to this cool guy. Can you imagine running around LAKE MICHIGAN? Can you imagine running 40 marathons in 40 days for cancer? Wow.

So there you have it. My life at Victoria’s Secret PINK met the Iowa Hawkeyes and my life at the YMCA.

Roy Marble juliecache DMYMCA Des Moines Iowa Brian Meeks Steve Cannon Iowa Hawkeye basketball
me with Roy Marble

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  1. I just thought I’d come back and let you know that I posted this on FB and someone saw it and bought a copy of the book. Thanks again for helping us out.

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