Summer porridge: Pin it! Do it!

juliecache makes summer porridge that she found on pinterest
raspberry summer porridge!

This pin was fast — I already had (mostly) everything I needed to make this. I researched the recipe more because I didn’t have Greek yogurt. That stuff is outrageously expensive and I didn’t want to take the time to strain yogurt.

I ended up using a combo of vanilla yogurt (regular), leftover cream from last week’s dinner, and the remains of mulberry jelly — I mixed everything and placed it in the mulberry jelly jar. I have also thought about using almond milk. The photo you see is my second jar of “summer porridge.” Love that term — my kids are Anglophiles.

How does it taste? It tastes like whatever you put in the jar. In fact, I had some right after mixing, no overnight soak, as a test. I found it refreshing, but I am not sure that all my kids would eat it. After an overnight soak, it’s a very hearty yogurt. Or very creamy cold oatmeal. It is very thick. I think adjusting the liquid would not thin it out; I think the oatmeal would get softer instead. This would be something I take camping or hiking, and seeing how this is my second jar, I would definitely make it again.

The recipe is very flexible, as frugal or expensive as you want to make it be, and I can’t say more good about it. You should pin it and do it, too!


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