Women of faith, on the radio

{I’ve had this post in draft form since January. Now, wow, I am telling my story through the radio.}

prepping for kwky
My favorite shot, using the self-timer.

I have sought women of faith and found them. Why was I seeking? Because once I joined a group, it broke up. There was a book, we worked through it. Once it was over, we tried to keep meeting, but people moved away and moved on. We had a project, we finished it, and it was done. The group shrank as time passed. I wanted a safe, everlasting, and social place where I could be Catholic.

As time passed, I watched my husband. Once he started working from home, he found men of faith. He came home every month energized and happy. He could drop in and out as he desired and his monthly schedule dictated. If he wants to serve others, the group accommodates. If not, no big deal. How unfair of the parish men to have this group and not the women!

I wanted the same thing. A group of women only, no endpoint or finish line, no pressure to serve, something that would not replace a current ministry at our parish. And I wanted to form relationships with new people. And hear people’s stories. And talk. I asked our K of C agent if there were area women’s groups for me to join or use as a model at St. Francis.

I found nothing.

I emailed back and forth with our pastor, Fr. Bob, who asked that I gather some interested people and meet with him. St. Clare Women’s Group was (re)born. We now meet once a month, study Scripture, and minister to each other. I have met many women of faith. I am very pleased to be around them.

Three of us talked about the group during a spot on Catholic Radio yesterday, thanks to an invitation from the parish secretary early on a Saturday morning. I have to note that this is the second Saturday where I stayed home and took my time getting ready, rather than jumping out of bed and running to the gym. Two Saturdays in a row of sleeping in have yielded good things. I am awarding myself ten points for both Saturdays, and another humble ten for re-founding the St. Clare group.

Pictures from our radio program:

kwky prep matthew
Matthew is a parishioner, but of course he's not in the women's group. He works for KWKY and uses a mac for his job.
mike and lisa record for kwky
Everyone took a turn recording an upcoming invitation to pray.
group kwky
Jeanne our host and upcoming guest speaker, Lisa, LouAnn, me, and Matthew. Everyone is dressed spring-y but me. I'm wearing black because of work.
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