P52: Green (and purple and blue)

Darcy’s theme for P52 is Green, and I decided to show the plants (all free!) that are growing around the yard. Join me for a walk….

celery kitchen scraps in garden
You all waited to see the celery

The celery was larger while in the house and when first planted. However, after 2.5 weeks, it’s still hanging in there. I think it’s a pretty plant.

plant exchange blue iris

I exchanged irises for something from my yard. You can’t even tell that I divided or removed anything — my original plants just fluffed out into their newly acquired space.

wild black raspberry
Wild black raspberry

These took much work and time — drive up to the site, dig them up, drive back home, then plant immediately. The work and time makes me very satisfied to have them.

lamium from a plant exchange


stella d'oro
Stella d'Oro daylily will bloom this summer

garlic from kitchen scraps

Another kitchen scrap plant. Garlic is really a weed and grows anywhere. Yummy for me!

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