As if I’m not overcommitted as it is: WDMHS

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The saying is, “Ask a busy person,” right? So here I am, newly elected to serve on the Board of Directors for the West Des Moines Historical Society (WDMHS). Still knee deep in Saving the Barn, still homeschooling my youngest, still shuttling three older kids to three different schools, still working on the kitchen and with a graduation open house in the near future, still working a part-time retail job that’s pretty fun…what the heck is going on with adding more to my life?

I take the year by year perspective. And I have fun every year, which to me, means quality time in the form of keeping busy, meeting new people, and learning new things all the time. So with the year by year perspective, soon three, not four, kids will be in the house, the kitchen will be done, the open house will be over, the new women’s group that I re-founded will be on break for summer, and…OK, the barn work will not be done soon. I’m taking a two year strategy on the barn plan. It’s not a quick and easy deal, as much as the school board would have enjoyed it to be quick and easy. (Unfortunately for them, they had to spend a lot of money because of arbitrary time constraints instead of waiting and not spending a lot of money. Yeah, I’m still bitter about it.)

Anyway, I’m looking forward to my year of change.

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