P52: Fiesta or Siesta

My bathroom is finished, and now we’re finishing the kitchen. Really, we are. So while I can’t say this is an all out fiesta and I’m celebrating my new kitchen, I will say that I’m firmly NOT in siesta mode. No sleeping until this project is over. How about a mini-fiesta in getting a tiny step closer to being done? I don’t think hostess Darcy would mind.

The floor started as this moldy mess:

Water damage. It sucks.

This evening, Mr. TellBlast lifted much of the remaining resilient flooring. A layer of “brick” linoleum made with asbestos lays underneath. It will not be removed. There was still damp flooring from the leaky dishwasher near the closet door.

Here you can see the older and newer flooring:

Red for old, white for new, and wood for the subfloor

He had to peel back to the subfloor in a few spots, which is the plywood sheeting below the linoleum. Masks and high- or out-pressure were how he was dealing with the asbestos. I just applied and am currently waiting for the primer to cure. It’s “white paint” in the photo:

The primer will be covered by leveling compound. This is important to us because we chose tiles for our new floor. If the floor is not flat, the tiles could break (because they can’t bend) when we move the heavy appliances into place. I want to add that tiles were definitely less expensive than the resilient flooring. Perhaps the prep work due to water damage is more expensive, but I say it’s all a wash at the end of the day.

So no siesta for me! I’m staying up for another two hours so I can get the leveler to cure while I go down for the night — not a siesta, but an overnight sleep. I’ll have the fiesta in my dreams. >nice new tile floor, flat and even floor, this all leads to new countertops!!!<

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