No pants challenge, anyone?

julia wears a dress she found at a garage sale
Found this in 2010 at a church garage sale. Love it.

I just read this post about not buying clothes, and with me being frugal and all, I am giving this consideration. I haven’t joined a challenge since 2010’s Food + Foto challenge. (Loved it!) Now picture me reading Lyz’s blog about the No Pants Challenge. I love Lyz. I met her at i_blog a couple years ago. She is hilarious and smart and a new mom. (Gotta applaud the moms.)

I’m not sure how this challenge would work for me. I have bought clothes since Jan. 2012 since I work an hourly job, and it’s all been second hand. Before January, I think I looked a lot at clothes, but didn’t buy. I didn’t buy because I have a tape in my head from someone I really respect (and she started my home school journey, believe it or not):

Just because it’s on sale doesn’t make it right to buy it.

How awesome and freeing is that?

A few months of not buying clothes doesn’t seem like a challenge because shopping for clothes has never been a habit. What do you think?

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