Kitchen update

Last you knew, I had tiled a portion of my kitchen floor. We need to level and set the cabinets before we can move on. Here’s what the room looks like:

We will work to install a granite tile counter and more tile on the floor in our next step. The joists under the floor are undersized, and all the tiles are heavy, so I’ve considered adding floor jacks. The countertop idea came from my SIL and her dh. Tiles are quicker and much cheaper than a custom order (our length and the peninsula prevent us from buying in-stock ready-to-go countertops). Our neighbor had butcher block countertops for a while, and while the maintenance is fantastic,  the cost is twice that of granite tiles. Why granite? Because it gives the smallest grout lines, or smoothest, most like a solid surface.

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  1. I’m in a very similar situation. We’re installing a new countertop in our kitchen and, like you, we also don’t like the grout lines you find in tiles. We wanted to give ours a more natural, non-symmetric look. In the end, we chose a classic granite countertop from Allentown, Pa. The veins/cracks along the rock are a great way to give it the look we wanted. We’re excited to see how it all turns out. Good luck on your end!

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