The kitchen sink

julia's new kitchen sink
Our new sink!

My sink is in place and works beautifully! Removing my kitchen is what I’ve been living with. It’s removed my centering philosophy of cooking, eating, gathering, and life in general. My dh does not really understand this, but I truly have made many food choices for meals and snacks that I haven’t liked. He just wants to eat. I want to eat well. Did I mention that I’ve gained ten pounds since our leaking issue was uncovered?

Anyway, I just had to spend a few minutes clamping our sink to the countertop from the underside.

julia tightens the clamps between the sink and counter
julia tightens the clamps between the sink and counter

As I mentioned in my last kitchen update, Mr. TellBlast and I desired the following sink characteristics:

  • stainless steel
  • double basin
  • high faucet to accommodate large pots

As a bonus, dh bought these tip-out drawer thingies from the store.

Mr. TellBlast inserts the trays
Mr. TellBlast puts the trays in place

We had seen these at a friend’s brand new house about 15 years ago. But they weren’t an after-market product; their drawers matched their wood cabinets, so I’m guessing they weren’t removable. “N” of GAIN and I added our tip-outs many days before the sink was installed.  I chose the smaller sized drawers and like them for the following reasons:

  • they are removable (as you can tell in the photo) so you can clean them
  • one tray is divided and has drainage on one side
  • the other side has a ring holder — yes! Clean rings are a concern of mine. All the time.
Even though we don’t know what we’ll put in the trays (other than rings while working in the kitchen), we think these trays will be handy. What would you put in there?

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