Frugal Tuesday Tip: Pin it! Do it!

I don’t know about you, but I’ve been pinning on Pinterest for a while now, and I actually do some of the things I pin. I find this quicker than reading a book at the library about a subject I like. I thought I would share two pins today, because they both support a frugal lifestyle: gardening and home cooking.

I have a “home outdoors” pinboard, where I thought a pallet garden idea looked fabulous. I got a rough start, and it’s only gotten worse. Despite growing roots, my plants are failing. The soil washes out when I water with my drip irrigation system. All but one of my pole beans has died. Additionally, I didn’t place them properly between the slats: the herbs should have been above the tomatoes to avoid being shaded out. Conclusion: I love the idea of using vertical space and the bunnies aren’t a bother, but I won’t be planting a pallet next year.

I  also have a food pinboard. And while I did not use the pallet for planting all my veggies, I did make a hash browns recipe that included the veggies of zucchini and potatoes. I repinned the recipe from Alea, whom you may have seen before through a prior Frugal Tuesday Tip. Conclusion: I loved the recipe, and had hopes of extra crispiness from my waffle iron. I didn’t detect a difference, and had to invert my waffle iron to remove the food, which seemed dangerous.

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It’s time for the Frugal Tuesday Tip!

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Last words (I have lot today!): look for your tax free shopping days and school supply sales at the office supply stores, because they are good whether you have kids or not.

Happy savings this week!

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