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Spoon Butter

spoon butter post header julia juliecache

I made spoon butter!

Mr. TellBlast and I have heard and read about spoon butter off and on through the years. Since my subscription to the From Scratch Club, my latest brush with spoon butter included a recipe. I followed the same recipe, using my own beeswax (yay for me!) and a bottle of mineral oil. I found mineral oil in the pharmacy department and it was very inexpensive. I believe that the time and effort and small expense to make spoon butter will increase the life of the woodenware that I use to cook at home.

spoon butter ingredients
mineral oil and beeswax — all I needed!

The main thing that I think everyone should notice is the WIDEMOUTH jar. Widemouth opening makes spoon butter easier to make and use.

spoon butter wax unmelted in widemouth jar
the unmelted wax from my hive
spoon butter melted wax
melt the wax with a double boiler set up
spoon butter pour in the mineral oil
pour in the mineral oil into the melted wax
the mineral oil coagulated and was easy to break up by stirring
applying spoon butter to a cutting board
we didn’t wait for it to cool, but cleaned the excess butter off the stirring utensil and applied it to our cutting board
cooling spoon butter
spoon butter smells like honey
spoon butter
the finished product

The last note I have is that the color of the wax will give your spoon butter its own unique coloring. Older wax will be darker; newer wax will be lighter.

Have you ever used spoon butter? I always used olive oil in the past.

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    1. Danelle, I used olive oil before this week. When I compare oil to “butter,” application is a little different. I have no issues with kids using the butter, whereas i definitely DID NOT want them to use the oil because it’s messy for them. Storage is different. The feel of the wood is different. I’m still gauging the difference between the length of time between applications. I am guessing that using lip balm vs. oil on your face would be similar.

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