Crafting: Hide Our Stuff Table

The Hide Our Stuff Table was a concept for about ten years.

Mr. TellBlast and Julia made a tableBackground: We have a walk-in closet. The closet is where we store and change our clothes, so it makes sense to have the baskets there. But we can’t walk in it very easily because they take up so much space.

Problem: We needed an attractive, accessible, yet out of the way place to keep the laundry baskets. We need to add our clothes at the end of every day — light clothes in the light colored basket, dark clothes in the dark colored basket.

Not very complicated or fancy, Mr. TellBlast used material we had on hand for this table.

Solution: The Hide Our Stuff Table. I roughly drew the box with dimensions (and a fairly large height tolerance) needed to keep the laundry baskets out of sight, under the window sill, and in the corner of the room near the walk-in. Made by ripping plywood, Mr. TellBlast completed this last Saturday morning…but not until I threw a temper tantrum about waiting for years and years to have a table.

Velcro tabs keep the baskets out of sight yet easy to reach.

We love the space this created in the closet! 

Dress it up: I bought three drapery panels from Goodwill measuring 42″ x 80″ for $4.99. We wanted a “bedskirt” for the table to keep the baskets hidden and to add another table top to move stuff off our dressers, which are continually covered in crap. It took me a couple hours to make this. (I ended up retiring my sewing machine and using my daughter’s. Is there a sewing machine graveyard anywhere in Iowa?)

What’s next: I would like to make or buy a tabletop basket or tray for charging phones, even though the outlet is a little far from the table. Hopefully, I won’t wait ten years. We probably won’t need to charge cell phones by then.

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