Crafting: T Shirt Quilt

This special quilt has been in “A” of GAIN and my heads since she was in fourth grade. Garry Krinsky performed in town that year, he is AWESOME if you’re wondering, and he brought out a humongous t-shirt quilt made from his many running race shirts. Maybe you would call it a banner. If you’ve been halfway across the Civic Center stage, you’ll understand the scale that I’m talking about.

The shirt in the center of the quilt with the helix-looking thing — that’s the one she first imagined in “her quilt.”

After months of having the pieces cut and ready to go and being interrupted by a kitchen remodel, I finally found a flat sheet for a backing last week. And we have enough floor space (barely) in the living room to now work on a twin sized quilt.

I started sewing the quilt top last night when I realized I didn’t have batting, so I quick ran to the store. Because there was a 50% off all batting sale, there was only one kind of batting left — certified organic cotton. At $15, I happy to get it.

I had to cut two new blocks last night — the ISU shirt and the UV shirt in the lower right hand corner —  but everything came together in about two hours. I attribute this to not needing any small pieces. There was very little room for any ‘framing’ pieces. I ended up with two unused t-shirts from “A” of GAIN, but neither of us is worried that they didn’t make it on the quilt. Maybe a pillow down the road. I am sending her with a skein of yarn and two needles so she can tie it while up at college. My baby girl leaves this afternoon, can you believe it?


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  1. I so love that idea. I’m glad I saw this now so I can start saving t-shirts! And no, I can’t believe she is leaving for college.

    1. maria, the quilt idea makes it easy for kids to stop wearing their favorite shirt when they outgrow it, when you want to keep a keepsake event shirt nice, etc. my girl would never buy two shirts — one to wear and one for the quilt, but she definitely had to see the idea and own it first. maybe your kids could view it if they visit some time.

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