Fun things I found at a small(er) town

Of course, I’m at a cross country meet this week. Our beautiful fall weather helps keep my spirits up in the drive there and back. I love seeing the colors of the fields change with the setting sun. We also had a tiny bit of time to stop at a ballooning museum, which was topped four hours later with sighting a balloon — see if you can spot it in the photo. It made a very dramatic backdrop for the varsity girls’ race as it hung very close to the ground near the last 300m.

The kids got excited over this — a legspan around 3″ was scary
i love this shot
PR! (personal record is the fastest time you’ve ever run at that distance. jr high kids run 2 mile races.)
the horseshoe pits had a nice bench
There was a bike leaning on the back of the bench. Aren’t the horseshoes fun-looking?
eating at small, family-run places is the best
i never thought signs like this still existed. at least there is punctuation to avoid misunderstanding
This second sign was very close to the first sign that I almost missed it.
love seeing the fields

Did you find the hot air balloon?

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