Frugal Tuesday Tip: Bent and dent follow-up

You read about my trip to the ‘bent and dent’ store two weeks ago. What did I buy? I tried to get recently expired items and things that would truly stay preserved for a long time — instant pumpkin spice latte coffee drink that just expired the week before, beef sticks that are full of preservatives and vacuum-sealed (eaten on the way home), Stove Top Stuffing, a lot of gum, thick-cut oatmeat (it’s great!), ramen noodles, green peppercorns, and…Easter chocolate. The Lindt chocolate bunny was very fancy, cost ridiculously little, and six months after Easter, it seems fine. I thought chocolates were typically made months before the season, so I wonder what the age of it truly is. But maybe I don’t want to know. Because it melted in the car on the way home, we put the bunny in the freezer — no bloom appeared and the taste seems unaffected; it just looks a little slumpy.

A look ahead: I am a library lover, and as continuing education, I am always looking for new frugal ideas. I received a copy of EcoThrifty last week and am definitely finding some interesting points to consider adding to my lifestyle.

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