I’m a Savvy Sampler

I started reading Naturally Savvy a long time ago. I don’t remember how long ago, which means — it was pretty long ago. After taking the time to read the e-book about un-junking your junk food, I signed up for their email newsletter. Somewhere along the timeline, I signed up to become a Savvy Sampler. I am two weeks into a gluten-free test period (my body and behaviors have been unchanged according to family members), and what a great time to get a package in the mail for the sampler program!

naturally savvy sampler juliecache

I received five samples today, including two wheat and gluten-free food samples.

I tried the Baked Nut Chips this evening before watching Veggie Tales: King George and the Ducky. You can see in the photo that I’m reading Phil Vischer‘s autobiography. He created Veggie Tales and voices Bob the Tomato. I’m almost finished with the book. Great story.

Anyway, the Baked Nut Chips were nice. I have sought corn chips for snacking, consulted the Gluten-Free Kids book by Danna Korn, and eaten what I would say is normal food. The main thing bugging me is the use of soy flour in wheat-free foods because I have mixed feelings about soy.

The Nut Chips were like Nut Thins except in shape. Chips are triangular and Thins are circular. I wish I could have done a side by side test, but I didn’t have the patience and wanted to eat them right away. I was hungry for a salty snack, and I also suffer from what I call “Delayed Intelligence Syndrome.” It causes me to think the great ideas and say the right things well after the most convenient times to do so have passed.

baked nut chips juliecache naturally savvy sampler

The color isn’t quite right here, and I lack the patience to bring the proper color out. The color of the chips is warmer than that of the thins. They have little grill marks or short dark stripes on them to make them look a little like a corn tortilla chip. But they don’t curl or bubble like a corn chip. And they taste like rice crackers. The almond was not very evident as a flavor. I think the almond lends the dark stripe based on other, non-sample related reading.

Have you ever tried Nut Thins or Nut Chips? I feel like I wouldn’t dip these in salsa. Give me corn chips instead. But eaten alone, the chips were fine.

You, too, can benefit by signing yourself up for this and other “clubs.” Can you list all the businesses that send you deals, samples, and/or coupons?



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