Savvy Sampler: Pancakes

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pancakes are best with my own mulberry syrup

Today I sampled Pamela’s Pancake Mix from my Naturally Savvy Sampler pack. Baked goods are a challenge in the gluten-free world. Breads tend to be mealy. Flavors tend to be awfully bland. I had read about Pamela’s recently, so I was curious about her products before the Savvy Sampler pack came. Great timing!

Here is the package. It’s pretty normal looking.

pamela's pancake mix

The almond meal can appear as dark flecks, reminding me of buckwheat baking mix. It mixed up with pantry items such as egg, oil, and water.

Pretty normal looking. Cooking instructions were also normal — grease a hot pan, pour, flip, and eat.

And the taste, you wonder? Spectacularly NORMAL. A tiny bit mealy, but high above my expectations. The batter will get crispy if you try, just like glutenful pancakes. The crumbs fall apart like typical glutenful pancakes. I really didn’t experience a noticeable difference in this product. Five out of five stars from me.

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