Savvy Sampler: Ecover Dishwashing Liquid

Since I first opened my Savvy Sampler kit, I’ve been using the sample of Ecover Dishwashing Liquid. A pamphlet covered the philosophy and products of the company. It did not include a pronunciation of the name “Ecover,” without which makes in-person recommendations a little awkward.

My household needs to wash dishes frequently since the majority of our meals and snacks are fixed at home. Here is the product, dish washing soap.

ecover dish liquid juliecache naturally savvy sampler

It is a colorless, slightly thick liquid in a  plastic bottle made from sugarcane. (This means no petro-chemicals were used). Most of our pots and pans were washed with this over the last week, and we still have half a bottle left. We were not frugal with the product at all. The literature emphasizes that foaming agents are bad (less biodegradable), and assures me that there are no foaming agents in their product. My husband and I did not see a difference in the foaming between Ecover and conventional products when filling a pot with running water and pouring the product into the water stream. I did see a difference in the foaming when I poured the product on a wet dishcloth.

When pouring on a wet dishcloth, without visible foam, I wished for a little color so I knew which part of the cloth I ought to use for scrubbing. I was guessing at first, then noticing a slight iridescence or a little bubbling after some use. Quick wash-ups of this nature are frequent for me, so until I figured out how to recognize the product, I was annoyed. The dishes got clean, no considerable performance difference between something like Palmolive or Dawn.

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