Pin it! Do it! Denim Bins

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I pinned this project a looooooong time ago and finally got to a place where I could make a set. The bins look great in the original blog post over at a family favorite – Make Magazine. I thought a pant leg made the bin; it does not. You can use jeans for the material, but it’s not required.

The instructions, for me, are really needing a clearer cut list at the very beginning. Not just a materials list or finished dimensions list, but a list of how to cut the materials. Even after reading the text, I struggled. I think the insertion of large-width photos made it hard for me to keep my place. So, if you are like me, an illustrated cutting list is best. Because I didn’t much denim laying around, I made the medium and small sized bins. I think they look cute and very practical. They were a gift for my sister, who had a birthday in October.

crazy quilt denim storage bins home dec sewing juliecache

You’ll notice that I have made a crazy quilt style of fabric for the lining. I’m still trying to use up my fabric stash, and this project worked well for that purpose.

By using muslin and scraps, you can come up with beautiful, useful, one of a kind fabric.

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